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Caravans Gas Safety Certificate

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If you are selling or buying a caravan, motorhome, camper trailer or campervan that has permanently fixed gas supply, a Gas System Compliance Certificate (also referred to as a Gas Safety Certificate) is required to transfer the registration. The Gas System Compliance Certificate must be dated no more than 3 months beforeĀ Caravan Gold Coast ownership is transferred.

Issuing the Certificate involves testing all appliances, leak testing, checking regulators, pipework and ventilation and fitting Compliance Plates (if required).

Should there be any problems David has the experience to make any repairs necessary to ensure your vehicle complies with all relevant codes and regulations.

For your vehicle to pass the Gas Compliance inspection it must have:

  • Gas in the gas bottle and within a 10 year test date
  • 2 Stage Regulator with OPP
  • a test point installed
  • Gas Fitters Plate or Gas Compliance Plate
  • Australian Certified Appliances
  • Comply to Australian Standard AS5601
  • All Gas Appliances must function

A Gas System Compliance Certificate in the local area is $99.00.

Please note – any extra work required to make the vehicle compliant is not included in the inspection fee and would be discussed. Most late model vehicles should comply and need no extra work.

If you Caravan Gold Coast, motorhome, campervan or camper trailer is over 750kg it also requires a Queensland Transport Safety Certificates / Roadworthy Certificates to transfer the registration.

Both the Gas System Compliance Certificate and Roadworthy Safety Certificate must be completed by qualified and licensed professionals. All Safe Gas Services can also arrange for your Roadworthy Certificate by a fully qualified and licensed professional.

Caravans Gas Safety Certificate

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Caravans Gas Safety Certificate